Bagel & Deli- My Late Night Paradise

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February 25, 2013 by bowmanaj

In case you haven’t heard or read, I went to Miami University. I talk about it often, perhaps even  excessively. Yet, I really haven’t typed or talked at any length about the town it is in: Oxford. Most make a plethora of jokes about it. Others just called it a typical college town. If I’m in town for just one night, and there isn’t a Miami RedHawk hockey game, there is no place I’d rather be than Bagel & Deli.

Oxford is home to more than just the university. The tiny town contains some exceptionally great restaurants and bars, as well as some really awful ones, but all that is for another blog post. The mix of people between the bustling university and the rural location has inspired a great food culture. There are few major restaurant chains in Oxford, and most of them are forced to the periphery.

However, if there is just one restaurant a person should go to while in Oxford, it should be Bagel & Deli. The food is more than a dry piece of dough with cream cheese. Besides the fact the food is fantastic, the staff is stellar and the atmosphere is awe-inspiring.

Around the world, whenever someone indulges in the booze and past limits, there is always someone to cater to his or her drunken hunger. Yes, drunk food is a real thing and it varies from culture to culture. In America, breakfast and diner food seem to be a favorite, with 24-hour chain diners such as iHop and Wafflehouse, but B&D perfected the late night snack. It’s late and need something to mop up the copious amount of alcohol in your system? Try a bagel overflowing with any type of ingredient you want.

Miami students are known for legendary partying, and like the rest of the world, crave something after a hard night of partying and drinking Uptown. Around the time of last call, 2 a.m., some flock to Bruno’s or Brick Street to get pizza slices. The Oxford diner is closed, which means one less venue at 3 a.m. to pig out. Waiting till 6 a.m. for Morning Sun or Patterson’s Café isn’t an option for most, either.

Since 1975, partygoers flock over to 119 E. High Street next to Skipper’s Pub, and literally cram themselves into the establishment. The entire place is maybe 50 ft long and 12 ft wide, and half is used for the counter space. At 2:30 a.m., expect an army of college students to be piled out the door. There is no bathroom and no seats inside, but a few chairs placed outside. Usually, B&D is best while stumbling back to the dorm.

Placed all around the walls are awards, news stories and other memorabilia of its illustrious career. Behind the counter, employees sling a bevy of ingredients. Above the counter, drawn by customers and staff, are pictures of all the different kinds of bagels served. There is hardly any space to put something new.

2012-10-07 02.13.58

Note, the bagel sandwiches are served on more than just plain bagels, but the standard, and personal favorite, is the bialy. However, there are many different types to choose from. During Green Beer Day, the original Miami holiday, the bagels are dyed green, and drunk or not will always put a smile on a face. Again, there is a limitless amount of combinations with how many ingredients there are. Most of the variations are covered on the current menu

There are a couple ways to earn a spot on the menu. First, be famous, and preferably a famous alum. Second, is to make a laminated sign and ask to have it hung up. If it sells well, expect college students to be eating the creation for years to come.

B&D makes their food a special way, therefore you should respect them by eating it the right way. All sandwiches are steamed, which means they give off a uniquely awesome taste. Therefore, don’t take them back home and quietly eat them on a plate with a crap TV show in the background.

Truthfully, I’m known to occasionally overindulge in the sauce. Don’t worry future employers, I know better than to do something stupid and risk my job. However, during a night out on the town and due to my high metabolism, I always need food at some point in the night. Lately, it has been typical bar food like popcorn, nachos, and chicken wings. Needless to say, it hasn’t satisfied me on a personal level. I want a freaking bagel.

My favorite is the Crunch and Munch: turkey, smoked cheddar, lettuce, honey mustard, parmesan peppercorn, and Cool Ranch Doritos on a bialy. Its always good: sober, tipsy or drunk.

There are other drunk essentials purchasable there as well. There is beer and smokes available for you to supplement the drunk experience. Yes, the store delivers, just incase a person can’t make find the strength or time to make it uptown. Or if a person is too lazy to call, there is now a free phone app to place orders.

There are a bunch of imposters, but with such an inspirational place, they were bound to happen. Some spinoffs have B&D’s “blessing,” but some previous visitors took the idea to their own corner of the world, without giving credit to the alma mater. I have no idea if the others live up to the standard, but if someone would like to donate some cash, I’m willing to investigate further.

A person finds himself or herself in uptown Oxford on a weekend night and needs to mop of the alcohol in their system or just wants a late night snack. There is just one place to turn: Bagel & Deli. No matter the taste bud variations, B&D has something for everyone. Even if hundreds of drunk college students aren’t a person’s favorite thing, he or she has to appreciate the scene.

Love & Honor,


PS- Thanks to Amanda, for editing this post, even though she had a concussion while doing it.


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