Considering the End of America

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February 4, 2013 by bowmanaj

All lives end. All hearts are broken. Caring is not an advantage, Sherlock,” said Mycroft Holmes played by Mark Gatiss in the BBC’s “Sherlock Season II; A Scandal in Belgravia.”

While, not many exactly agrees with this statement, it has a certain undeniable truth to it. Whether it be on a personal (micro) or global (macro) scale, all have to deal with the stages of grief over fellow humans. Considering the end of people in western society, especially the United States, is incredibly myopic. The population plans on death to immediate relations, recognizable figures and even exotic foreigners. However, the US population seems to think it is immune to the population collapsing. Should the US be concerned with the death of the American?

Since the dawn of human history, no borders remain the same. Every culture, from religion to pop, have changed. No government or policy has stood the test of time. Consider the gaining truth, the USA is no longer the strongest nation. On nearly every major issue, the country is divided. Its public persona is varied among nations. Will McAvoy, played by Jeff Daniels, explains the rest.

Consider the empire started by when Romulus killed his brother Remus: Rome. Romulus wasn’t the first to discover the Italian Peninsula, similar to how the Pilgrims weren’t the first in North America. However, both were the first to rapidly increase the rate of society through civilization. Over time, the Romans were the finest fighting force in the known world. Public officials and politicians were mired by scandal. Like all great societies, Rome collapsed. While the city and ruins still exist, the power it once held can only be found text.

Since Rome, Greece, the British Empire, and all others have failed, it is only logical to assume the United States will meet its demise. How will it end? Will the nation’s deep divide on almost every issue fracture it? Perhaps, the movie “Red Dawn” come true and foreign armies will invade and take over (yes, I saw the new Red Dawn; it was less than memorable). Maybe the entire world evolve into a utopia where there are no borders.

The suggestion the world will become a utopia, which receives just as little attention as the concept of the US not existing, is unlikely judging by the precedent of human history. So, assume the end will be violent.

This essay is not intended to spread fear and panic. Nor is it meant to imply America can’t go on in the foreseeable future. Merely this essay makes the case, Americans must accept, or the final stage of the grieving process, that their current way of life, borders, and culture will meet its end. Perhaps, to be naive of the situation is best, but to not at least consider it, or foolishly savor and expect America to last till the end of Earth, is stupid.


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