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November 13, 2012 by bowmanaj

“How’s the job hunt going, Andrew?”

“Well, I’ve considered becoming a hermit for the last two months. Oh, and thanks for brining up I’m a loser. Jerk.”

As it is plainly obvious, my optimistic attitude about finding a job has disappeared. I graduated six months ago, currently unemployed, and living at home. “Tuna” is not exactly living the dream. So, unless you can help me find a job, please do not ask me how it is going along. If I find a job, everybody will know via social media, text, email, and even snail mail since I will be beyond excited.

I am incredibly grateful everyone is thinking about me and wishing me luck, but it is annoying. Part of why I am grouchy is I just do not like others in my business and thoroughly enjoy my space. Mostly, I become reminded at the fact I have not found a full time position, which is entirely frustrating.

Not to put the blame on other things, but I think it is just a perfect storm of why I cannot find a job. The economy still sucks worse than a black hole, especially in the media. Journalism, my hopeful profession, is not exactly in need of young people. In fact, many news outlets are looking to cut, fire, slash, and layoff positions. The world needs computer programmers and doctors. A 23 year old who knows AP style is not in high demand.

Also, I am at fault, since I am trained sports journalist, who no longer wants to do sports. Well that is not entirely accurate. I would not mind having a sports related job, and in fact, could excel in it. My mom brings up all the time about how I am a better hockey broadcaster than the guys on BCSN, which I agree. I am just dissatisfied with the whole sports related culture.

BCSN is a prime example, because despite the fact they are regional, small market cable channel, which focuses around minor league and amateur sports, the network still does not other people chances to get air-time. The broadcasters are always the same old, white guys who speak in general terms about sports they know nothing about about. This weekend during the Walleye game, one of them said during a third period penalty kill, “You don’t want to give up an odd-man attack in this situation.”

Duh. A team never wants that to happen even if it was even strength in the first period. That is just a small example of how frustrated I am with sports broadcasts trying to make a game more intense. Others examples include trying to stir up controversy, big market bias, favoritism and hiring substandard analysts. Sports in general just makes me want to turn away; the greed, the racism, the sexism, et cetera.

Perhaps I just want the spot light more, but I want to cover issues which effect people on a deeper level; The War in Afghanistan, Congress’ partisanship, and Syria’s civil war. Yet, I cannot get a job covering those issues because media companies want someone who has experience in the field, which no one will give me to start with. Tis be a viscous cycle.

My job hunt has felt like a mugging. I give everything to a company when applying. My résumé contains every important relevant detail about my life including how to reach contact, my work experience, where I went to school. Then there is the cover letter, which explains who I am, how I will help the company, and why I want to work there. At the end there is a link to all my previous works and references to prove I am a nice guy. I give it all to them in a neat package and I stand there naively thinking maybe I have a remote possibility of getting the job.

Maybe I am unable to find a job because of nude male art. It sounds bizarre, but it makes perfect sense. If you go to a search engine and type in “Andrew Bowman,” the first hit is a photographer, who specializes in taking pics of exposed males. The shots border between classy and disturbing, but generally, employers do not like it when your name is associated with giant dongs.

Soon, perhaps, my joyous attitude and optimism will be back, and hopefully accompanied by employment. Until then, sorry for having a short temper.


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