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September 4, 2012 by bowmanaj

Hey everyone!

So, this may fit better on Craiglist or even eBay, but I have decided to sell a few things and am listing them on here. I thought it would be better if I posted on here for a few reasons.

1. My friends get first crack at buying the stuff.
2. Don’t get spammed from all those other sites.
3. I am NOT shipping nor holding any items.

All prices are negotiable. I may post pics, but I recommend everyone sees the product before purchasing.

Item- condition- price- other

1999 Huffy Bandit Street Bike- good- $80- small amount of rust, tires need inflated

Black Itech 1200 goalie mask- fair- $30- great for street hockey- sold

Blue/Black/White Bauer Reflex blocker/glove- good- $40- little damage but super light weight- sold

Black/White- Reebok goalie pads- fair- $20- sold

Red XL goalie Bauer jersey- great-  $5- only wore 5 times

Red camping chair- good- $5

Green camping chair- good- $5

blue duffel bag- good- $5

purple hockey player should pads- good- $5- sold

various soft/base/tennis balls- 50¢ each- nearly all sold out

Update: many of the hockey related items have been sold. For more info on what I am selling, please turn to my new eBay page.


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