Where Does The Tuna Eat?

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August 26, 2012 by bowmanaj

I never pass up a chance to travel: conferences, work, etc. Normally, I am a huge dive bar frequenter, but will always check out the local gastronomy hot spots in the area. Fortunately, I have never ran into a bad restaurant in my travels. Here are just some of my favorites I visited.

Ann Arbor

Arbor Brewing Company– Ann Arbor is home to many things: The University of Michigan and all of its greatness, a diverse population, and some great local food. Arbor Brewing Company has everything from great micro brewed beer, food, and atmosphere. Expect to pay a little more than your typical trip to Applebee’s or Ruby Tuesday’s, but it is worth it. I suggest the vegetable jambalaya and one of homemade beers. The only problem I had with the place was the time it take to get food.


Prasino– Chicago is home to so many quality restaurants it is hard to name a favorite, but Prasino makes its case. Everything about the place is devoted to dining excellence. The portions are great, the food is of top quality, and the atmosphere is second to none. Actually the biggest attraction to it, is the fact everything there is from sustainable material. Yes, everything, including the alcohol list. It is a little on the pricey side, but when you are on vacation, it is totally worth it.

The Berghoff Restaurant– Where is the best place to get German food? Germany? No, Chicago. Located in downtown Chicago, The Berghoff’s food will make you remember months later. And as good as the food is, the beer is even better. They brew their own beer, including a couple of seasonals, which happen to be my favorite. Again, it is Chicago prices, so expect to pay a bit more, but again, well worth it, especially if you are spending the weekend downtown.

My friend, Kyle Schaller, enjoying her burger from The Berghoff

Jimmy’s Grill– Alright, so this place is located in Naperville, but it is a suburb of Chicago. The grill is a nice place to go out after work and get something to eat, have a few and chill with friends. To be fair, I don’t entirely remember because I enjoyed their selection of draft beers. However, my  credit card statement did remember this night, and found the prices to be a tad expensive for a local bar joint.

Tyler Gilligan and myself at Jimmy’s Grill in Naperville


Cincy’s On Sixth– When I went there it was called Cadillac Ranch, but after some legal reasons, it is back with a new name. Again, I don’t quite remember this restaurant, due to me sampling the alcohol list. I do remember the food looked good and the bachelorette party riding the bull looked more intoxicated than me.


Ohio Deli– Most of you are familiar with Ohio Deli from Travel Channel’s “Man Vs. Food,” during which Adam attempted the Dagwood Challenge. While I did not attempt the challenge, I found the place to be nice. That’s it. It was good food, a nice atmosphere, great portions.


The Anchor Bar– Again, I love just about everything about local bars, with the exception of the dirty bathrooms. Anchor Bar in downtown Detroit is one of my favorites. Usually, many of the support staff come after the Tigers or Red Wings games. The bar has simple yet classic sandwiches, which make you feel right at home, and the daily specials are great. Everything about the place is great: from the parking to the drinks.

New Orleans

Café Du Monde– The café, to say the least, is a standing legend. It has seldom changed, from it’s original opening, and one can only pray it stays that way. Between the atmosphere, the great prices, and the stellar combination of beignets and coffee, you can expect Café Du Monde to stay open for a very long time.

Beignets from Café Du Monde

Pierre Maspero’s– New Orleans is a place of great creole food, but does certain dishes, like red beans & rice, jambalaya, and gumbo better than any place in the world. Pierre’s is one of the reasons why. Their sampler is instantly gratifying and makes a trip to New Orleans worth it. Every thing is fresh, including their alligator. Yup, I ate gator.

Fried alligator from Pierre Maspero’s

Mister Apple’s Candystore– Want an excuse to get some succulent sweets? It may be out of the way a little, but totally worth it. They specialize in apples, dipped in chocolate, caramel, etc. Yet, everything there looks sinfully delicious.

Windsor, Canada

Da Luciano Trattoria- It is well known I often cross the border to get my fix of personal vices. However, I always make sure to stop in to this center of great gastronomy. I always order the same thing: veal parmesan. However, I’ve heard from friends I take there, everything is great. The brick oven right in the middle of the restaurant sets the awesome atmosphere, and the staff’s accents are adorable.

The Manchester Pub– If I were to pick a bar to watch hockey, it would be this place. Now, the live bands they often have playing may mean you miss some of the commentary, but no harm done there. The Manchester has a fully stocked bar, great drink prices, especially on season drafts, and all the hockey you can watch.

A double pint of Strongbow for just 7.50 at The Manchester Pub

Elias Deli– The business people of Windsor turn to this little spot for their breakfast needs. The prices are a bit high, but the food is of good quality, and you can’t find a better location for a restaurant downtown. It is perfect hangover food.

Wolley Bulleys– Right next to the deli is one of my favorite bars in Windsor, Wolley Bulley’s. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in spirit. If you don’t mind the occasional drunken 19 year old, or you are 19 and want to start your drinking career off right, this is the place to go. The bartenders always have some kind of drink special or are willing to negotiate prices.

Later I will post some of my favorite sports I visit in Toledo, and where I used to eat while going to school at Miami. And for all you who don’t know, yes, my nickname is Tuna.


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