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May 10, 2012 by bowmanaj

On May 5th, I became a graduate of Miami University. It is impossible to describe all of the feelings and thank all the people who helped me reach this, but perhaps this post will at least give a hint.

There is a box next to my bed which holds a random collection of things associated with time at Miami. A rock, stacks of The Miami Student, ticket stubs, etc. They sit there, unopened despite the fact I have been home for four days. I don’t want to open it because when I do, I will burst into tears. Surprisingly, I have not cried yet since returning to Toledo.

Four years of my life are packed neatly into tub, sort of.

My years at Miami were anything but typical and I am the better man for it, or at least I hope so. To describe each of the events in detail would take many more blog posts and many more hours, but here is a quick review. 1 apartment, 7 roommates, 4 dorms, hundreds of hours in Goggin, 2 RA positions, publics speakers, parties, falling in-and-out of love, life long friends and oh yea, class.

Maybe, I should just write a book, perhaps it will be easier.

me one the Seal at Miami University

I did so many things, yet the four years seems to have wrapped up to quick and to have them fit so precisely into a small tub appears illogical. Actually, my memories do not fit nicely into a container. While many of them are physical, the most important are not. They are in my head, heart, and soul.

The lessons learned, knowledge gained, and friendships earned are ingrained inside. Yes, some of them came from textbooks and the internet, but the vast majority of my favorite memories came from the people.

Emotions change on an hourly basis for me during the past two weeks. There are two which appear most often.

First on the list; confusion. Graduation was such a huge, tiring event, and a grand finale to end college, for all of it to just be over, leaves me with a lack of direction. In college, you always know where to go next. There is class, followed by a meeting, then a party, ending with bed, repeat as necessary. Where do I go from here? I am jobless, living at home, and my friends are scattered across the midwest.

The second, is gratefulness or thankfulness, whichever you prefer. To my left is a shelf full of pictures of my family, the bookshelf holds all of the novels and textbooks bought over the past half decade, and the computer’s desktop is of me and friends standing on the seal. Without any of you, I am not here, both literally and figuratively. So, thanks. I won’t try to list you all, but you know who you are.

Natalie, Alex, and myself at the Seal

Truthfully, when I was searching for what college to pick, Miami was not on my radar. Rather it was a side trip mom decided on after my visit at Cincinnati. An after thought ended up being my life’s most defining years, so far. Do I know where I am going next? No, but I have the best friends and family in the world, and the means to accomplish whatever I want thanks to Miami University.

Love & Honor,


Artists I listed to while writing this post Flogging Molly, The Black Keys, Weezer, Florence + the Machine, Bowling for Soup, The Stokes, JET.


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